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Why you don't need a huge budget to look stylish!

Many women believe that more money spent on your outfits equals "better looking" outfits.

If that was true, all affluent women would look stylish and elegant so this statement is not true!

Of course, you need money to buy garments, accessories and shoes but combining filling your "wardrobe gaps" based on your lifestyle (not someone's else) and the goals you set for your life (because "clothes are visual cues and they speak before you do", so if you have set any goals this year, your image must match them.

Having a "styling strategy" aka a plan of what to wear at each occasion of your life is very important for purchasing the correct items within your budget to achieve your aspirations!

Many elegant women have a yearly budget and they select according to what they want to achieve for the upcoming seasons.

Planning, budgeting and researching are just part of creating 2 seasonal "styling strategies" yearly and this is part of what I do ( one seasonal styling strategy) in my 3 month image make over program "Fashion Aura".

Also, creativity and "fashion knowledge" play a huge role in elevating yearly your image and consequently your life!

If you want to ask me any questions send me an email ( and we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment call.

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