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Why heritage jewelry is the ultimate elite habit!

By the term "heritage jewelry" I mean items that have been passed from one generation to another. They have sentimental value but also real value as they are usually made out gold and they may carry a "brand jewelry name". Names such as Cartier, Van Cleef and Arpels, PateK Philippe, Chopard, Rolex etc.

Of course they may have come from your mother's local jeweler and they will be as valuable as well, even more.

Passing a luxury watch, like my dad did to me, is a great way of keeping your personal memories of a loved one and create intergenerational wealth.

For branded jewelry and watches I would even suggest buying them preloved to avoid huge markups of marketing costs and pay more for the actual pieces.

Brand value is something that is highly appreciated but remember that if you take a golden piece at a jewelry and he isn't aware of the brand's value he will probably give a price much discounted.

For example, a yellow gold Cartier love bracelet costs at the moment 7.000$.

It is made of 18K yellow gold and its weight is 32,5 gramms.

So lets do a quick calculation, today's price for 18K carat gold is 44,38$ per gram. So Its gold value is 32,5 X 44,38$= 1.442,35$ currently.

I say currently because the gold value fluctuates daily. So, you can see that the rest 5557$ are all about brand costs and the company's marks up. This logic of course applies to all luxury brands and items from handbags to garments and accessories.

Truth is that there are research companies who research luxury brands value every year and as you can see below by clicking the link, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Rolex occupy the first 5 places in this order.

What I am trying to say is that the Cartier bracelet has more value than a plain non branded one but of course there must be proof for it and this is why luxury brands have come up with various way of proving their authenticity.

On the other hand, It is not a rare case also, to find luxury items on second hand on line shops for more than the retail price. So you may find a Cartier love bracelet sold more than its retail price at the second hand market.

This has to do with the brands' marketing strategy of producing less items so the supply is smaller than the demand. This makes the luxury items more valuable to their clientele and creates urgency to get them, especially classic designs that are produced in limited quantities.

As a conclusion, I would suggest as a style coach and image consultant to take into consideration these factors before purchasing lux gold jewelry and watches:

1) Your budget of course

2) The brand's value (check the link above)

3) The brand's resale value

4) The design & utility of the item ( can you wear it daily or only at special occasions?)

5) Would you like your daughter or daughter in law to receive an item like that and pass it on to future generations?

6) Do you love the item?

I hope you found this post helpful and you can comment on it and share it.

If you have any topics you want me to write about please let me know.

I am a style coach with a masters degree in Luxury fashion branding and I have a 3 month course called Fashion Aura where with 1:1 sessions I transform women's image and style and coach them how to become and look confident.

If you want to learn more send me a Dm and we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment call to discuss your stying horizons.

Copyright, 2022 Ioanna Kalogeraki

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