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Turkish level up series and main female character!

Today’s post is the analysis of a Turkish TV persona – one of the main characters of the TV series “Yasak elma”= “Forbidden apple” that broadcasts on every Monday night. The female character in the series is called Ender played by Turkish actress Sevval Sam, a well-known one in Turkey. The reason why I chose her- beyond being my favorite character – is because she is an Alpha female. So let me briefly inform you about the plot of this weekly serial and Ender’s character. She was poor, became a secretary and married into wealth with the millionaire man she was working for. The series shows how she had a nasty divorce (after having a secret affair with a younger doctor) left with nothing and through her cunning and badass character became rich again with her own money and until recently her first love of her life. She has 2 grown up sons and she is always sweet with them but her life is her priority. She is very dynamic, enduring and hard to get . Especially with women who try to take her down. She is an A (Alpha) female, that can smile and act accordingly to high society rules. She is into charity, she has a big network and when she started her own business she was her best at her sector. Come back –level up move number one: “Αlways invest in yourself to get back to high society quickly, fashion is an instant language”. Even when she was in a bad financial condition with her first business earned money she invested in luxury clothes- so she could go back to charity events and gala shows with the other elite ladies- who dress and shop from the same luxury boutiques. She knew the way she looked was the No 1 sector she had to invest in, so she could go back in the social circles she was, as a millionaire’s wife because network= net worth . She could lie about her financial status but her clothes depicted the truth. At that financial level, women shop regularly for new items at secret elite luxury boutiques that are approachable at smaller crowds. Otherwise, fellow alphas would not accept her back or socialize with her. So she decided to let nothing get in her way. She exercised daily, ate – mostly salads, started a business, invested her money in luxury cloths and used every connection she had along any other “means” to get back in the elite game and she did! Passion, stamina, thick skin and stomach along with determination were her ARMOUR. She has a warrior’s mentality and doesn’t care about female friendships or being the nice girl. She cares about enjoying her affluent lifestyle and being a lady boss.

She wears pantsuits in vibrant colors, mostly with no shirts, or underneath garment. (Pro styling tip: wear your blazer on its own and button it up), showing the world you are a power boss babe with FEMINITY. Red, purple, gold, royal blue are her colors as she has blue eyes, black hair and fair skin.

She wears THE ULTIMATE FEMIMINE DINNER DATE ATTIRE= midi dresses, mid- high heel pumps, a night clutch, hair in an up or low chignon and her coat on her shoulders -She wears bold colors like RED, DEEP PURPLE, ROYAL BLUE, METALICS and of course black and white. -Her makeup focus is mostly red lipstick- ultra clear skin and some cat eyeliner since she has magnetic blue eyes. But she dares to wear even black lipstick…! -Is she skinny? She is not! She is of average body weight with an hour glass figure that she flaunts with self-confidence at her every move. -Is she the youngest? She is not! She is 45 -50 years in the series and 46 in real life and a Scorpio. -Is her style on the series sometimes exaggerated and “too much”? Of course it is! T.v. series are based on fiction and the clothes we see on the actresses are the results of meetings between the director, the script writer, the manager of production and the stylist.

CONCLUSION & LESSONS LEARNED - If you want to be an alpha male…. (Assertive- go getter woman) you must copy and act like one. So Ender is perfect for that. - When you go after things in life, you will get them and if you don’t you will learn so much along the way. - Looks and appearance are mandatory and A DAILY TORTURE for the elite women. Nobody will tell you that. Ads, commercials, movies, series, influencers show the perfect face, groomed hair, etc. Not the 5 hours it took to get there. I will come back later this week with more conclusions that will be very helpful for your level up journey… So what do you think about her style from the photos? Do you like them? If yes why? If not why? What other Alpha TV characters inspire you and why?

If you want to elevate your personal image & brand and create your unique styling persona, send me a DM and I will get back to you so as to discuss your personal styling strategy, goals and results.

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