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Three things I learnt from working with secret elite ladies!

Number one: they are always polite. No matter what situation they are in, even when they are dissatisfied with something ( they have told me stories), they will express their discomfort in a neutral way and move on. They don't act impulsively or take things personally.They don't attack or lose their energy. This is a "mastery" they developed after years of home upbringing and mingling with other secret elites.

Number two: they don't want to be the center of attention when they enter a restaurant, a hotel or a social gathering. They want to get the right attention from people they respect in their community, for the cause/ business they serve. For them, wearing more than one logo item is a "big No".

Number three: they are always respectful to other people's opinions and when they disagree, they present their arguments of what they advocate. They already know that even if they are 100% correct, some will not agree with them. They are grounded and respectful because they were brought up this way.Strong and gracious. They also know that they belong to the 3% of the population so it is mostly unlike that other women were raised like them, since they are a minority.Thus, they don't expect their elite attitude from the 97% of the women.This gives them an advantage of not being bothered and keeping their energy and focus on their business/ cause, not to other women's' reactions.

As a conclusion for them, saving energy is one of their top priorities. Being raised in an elite family taught them to keep their eyes on their goals and not waste valuable hours on anything but this. After all, time is money for most of them.


These are my personal observations after working as a stylist with some secret elite ladies in Europe and USA. This is my way of helping women level up their attitude in a practical way.

If you want to learn more on how to level up your image, we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment call.

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