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Three elites' styling secrets no one talks about!

Styling secret #1: Elite & secret elite women, rarely follow somebody else's advice and especially free styling advice.

They know really well because they have been trained from young age, that in life you always pay for quality in everything and that free random styling advice is for the masses not for the classes. Also, they almost never accept favors without returning them because reciprocity is part of their value system.

This means that, even if their friend is a stylist ( I had this experience), they will pay her according to her price list, without even accepting a discount. This is how elites think and act and this is what separates them from the rest. Also, in this way they can feel rest assured that they will receive the best possible styling service and expand their network by doing business with an acquaintance! For them its always about creating win- win situations and investing money!

Styling secret #2: They wear "high & low" brands. Many times, I see free styling advice from women, who clearly have not mingle with international elite women, suggesting that secret elite women don't wear high street brands like Zara, mango, H&M, etc.

This is far the truth, based on my personal experience and also even if you have not mingle in elite circles, you can easily check out elites Instagram profiles and see that they wear all kind of brands.

Truth is, elites take care of their money and buy all kind of brands with a bigger preference to mid- range quality brands, that are value for money, luxury brands

(no logos here) and fewer affordable brands. I wrote fewer not none, please keep that in mind!

Styling secret #3: Contrary to popular belief, elite women & men are not desperate to show off their wealth via logos, super popular luxury handbags, shoes and jewelry.

They create their own unique, custom image & style and try to dress appropriately for each occasion they attend BUT ALWAYS with their unique "stamp".

An occasion is not only a formal one like a gala or an opera opening but also a casual occasion like being on a yacht with friends or having casual dinner.

Usually, you will not find 2 elite ladies dressed alike on a daily basis even though they may both have an Hermes handbag.

Elites have been trained from childhood ( elites i repeat not "New money people") to create their unique style that cant be copied by someone else, apart from non elites.

Copyright Ⓒ 2022 Ioanna Kalogeraki

Who am I and why you should read my posts: my name is Ioanna Kalogeraki and I am Greek. My educational background is a BA in Mass media and Communication from a Greek university and an Msc in Marketing with a specialization in Luxury fashion branding from a UK university. I run my personal styling & image consulting on line business for the last 5 years, working with women from all over the world, who want to look and behave elite with a mid range budget. Before that i did private styling consultations with international secret elites.

My new updated 1:1 custom 360 image program "Elite Fashion Aura" can help you look , behave and feel elite even if you are not financially elite yet.

If you are interested in learning more, you can book a free 30 min free styling assessment with me here:

See you at the top ladies!

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