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The ultimate guide for shopping during sales season!

1) Check your wardrobe gaps.

Use this simple method to find out what you need instead of looking at what is in your wardrobe.

Every day when you get dressed, think of what could make your outfit better and what you would like to add.

For eg you have a red jumper and you would love a black pair of pants to pair it with.

2) Then, split your budget for sales into 2 sections. Must haves & fun items.

I know from experience that as women we want to spend a bit of money on items we see that catch our attention.

Shopping during sales must also be fun!

3) First visit in-store or online your 3 most favorite brands.

Check the items you have already bought and enjoyed in other colors.

You bought a lovely skirt from Mango, check if there is another color available.

This is a quick and easy method to shop during sales.

4) Don't buy something because it's only affordable.

After cleaning my closet season after season, I realized this:

the items I didn't wear, were the ones I bought impulsively cause the big sales mesmerized me. Guess what? they fooled me.

P.S. If you want to learn more about how you can build a suitable image for your lifestyle, I would love to meet you online.

We can discuss more during a 30 min free styling assessment.

You can book one here:

See you at the top ladies!

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