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The power of always looking "put together"!

In this blog, I want to share my personal experience that made me realize that every occasion is very important and that we , as the female beautiful species , must live up to the expectations of our title.

Years ago , I was living for a brief time, in Venice Italy ( a dream by all means - I know- I was lucky because my best friend's husband had properties internationally and they gave me the keys to their Venice apartment).

One morning i needed to get up early and go to the local store to buy new keys because they have changed the main entrance's keys. An Italian neighbor rang my bell at 8 am in the morning and gave me the instructions for the key store, just a few minutes from our building.I wore my matching set of tracksuits ( juicy couture at the time) my sunnies and started walking.

If you have been to Venice, you know that almost all buildings are preserved nicely from older times and as I was getting close to the key store, I started to see men in line outside. As I approached I realized the queue was for the hardware store and there were 10 men waiting outside.

I felt overwhelmed when I sat at the line and saw most men dressed in blazers, shirts and jeans with their nice Italian shoes. key store was one of the few in Venice and men came to shop at it from all over the city.

When I say men, I m talking about mostly suntanned, tall, impeccably Italian dressed men!

I wanted to disappear from the face of earth, men had put more effort for their morning outfits and I didn't!!!!! I felt so embarrassed!They looked so well put together and I looked sporty....(lol)!That was one of the moments that changed everything for me and i said to myself no more a lady i need to be prepare at all times! If a man can do it , I can do it better!

The purpose of me sharing this personal story with you, is not to make you feel that you must always wear heavy make up, high heels and dresses at 8 am in the morning. Quite the opposite I would say, especially for morning occasions.

To be honest, an Italian lady stood in the queue after me, a few minutes later and she was wearing jeans with leather sneakers ( 10 years ago) and a nice blouse with earrings and her red lipstick and she looked so good!She looked "put together"!

She looked like she spent 10 more minutes that i did to come up with her outfit!

I learnt my lesson well! From now on I always visualized being with a man dressed like I described when i went out to keep me alert! After that incident,

looking put together is a priority and this is what I am coaching all my clients to do.

My content is all about educating and coaching women. Helping them achieve their best image! I speak from experience and education. If you want to learn more on how you can achieve your best image, send me a Dm / email

( and can arrange a free 30 min styling assessment.

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