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The importance of make up application for your image!

For centuries, women did their face make up to improve their appearance, hide their flaws and enhance their natural characteristics.

In the last years, with the explosion of social media, many new brands have come about and many make up products have been added to our daily make up rituals.

Highlighter, eye shadow base,face contouring and so many eyebrow products are just a few to mention.

In my mind, the way a woman applies her make up, plays the more important role! She can be heavy handed or light handed and the products may be the same.

I would say that the "elite rules" of make up prioritize skin that glows and natural colors with light application for the day make up looks. For night, things can get spicy with more intense eye make or a red lip.

IMO, there are also make up brands that offer more color intensity (like Huda beauty and Anastasia Beverly Hills both created by make up artists, who are known for their love of color and more ) and then there are make up brands like Chanel, Dior and Clarins ( all French btw)that in general, advocate a more natural look.

A combination of both categories can be very beneficial for every woman and generally ladies over 40, tend to avoid heavy make up application so these French brands tend to be more popular.

Another factor is that due to their elegant packaging, they are really nice to put out of your handbag and also decorate your vanity.

I have been a huge fan of Clarins make up products for many years and my all time favorite lip product for my very dry, naturally big lips will be be the instant light lip perfector in shades 1,2,5 & 6.I also adore their lip oil, that they recently reformulated.

What are some of your favorite make up from the above mentioned brands? please share with me.

Creating a make up and hair look book is part of my 3- month image make over program called "Fashion Aura". If you want to learn more details on how you can elevate your image, please send me a dm or email and we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment call.

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