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The importance of aligning your goals with your image!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Having worked with a number of secret elite ladies, I came into the conclusion that knowing how to use specific luxury brands for different occasions and understand the "social significance" of them, are very crucial for this affluent female category and not only.

Many elite ladies prefer to mix brands (high and low) on a daily basis but when it comes to occasions where they represent their "personal brand strongly", e.g. as Chairwoman of their charity foundation, they know they "have to look the part".

Depending on the "target group" of their audience, we hand-pick together any obvious "logo" items they may wear (very important to them to have an “aesthetic balance” as they don’t want to appear flashy), their accessories (these make or break an outfit), their hair and makeup (these have social rules too) and their jewelry (heritage jewelry (from their ancestors), personalized jewelry (from their own jewelers) etc.

Being part of high society or aspiring to be is not an easy task.

Looking the part is one major segment of it.

My expertise will help you define your styling goals and align them with your current life goals.

I will provide you not only the fashion inspiration but also the social aesthetics education you need, to upgrade your style and life. Because these walk hand in hand together.

So please tell me which women do you think have mastered to achieve this.

For me, Amal Clooney is one of them. Which are yours?

If you want to level up your image, so you can attain more goals, business opportunities and major sales, send me a DM/ email/ chat and we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment call.

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