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Stop buying items you don't really need!

Every season new handbag models & shoe models & types come out.

Every new season we want to buy some items because we really need them and like/ love them.

Self discipline & on line shopping usually doesn't go hand in hand and challenges are everywhere.

The influencer we follow on line, the co worker who wore that new pencil skirt, the younger woman who looked so nice in her new jeans.

We all want a piece of newness & fun in our every day life.

After all, as women we were born to shine and shop...

Let me briefly remind you that if you have not sorted the following sectors/ elements ,whatever you buy will probably not matter:

1) Your every day grooming ( not the special occasion one- not when you are invited to a wedding and no one can recognize you because what these people see you on a daily basis as a frumpy -dumpy and at weddings you look like a super model)

2) Your personal basics referring to garments here ( not mine, not Maria's, not your co- worker's). Your basics may be 2 pants, 3 skirts, 5 tops and a dress. Mine are 4 pants, 1 skirt, 8 tops and 2 dresses for winter.

3) Your outwear, handbags and shoes are not sorted out and serve your image.Simply put in the order i wrote then and this is where your budget and focus must be ( in that order).

4) You don't know how to upgrade your outfit with the correct jewelry and accessories.

Every neckline has specific jewelry that can be worn with and every occasion calls for specific accessories to make or break the outfit.

All of the above are part of my image & styling 1-1 program Fashion Aura.

Attention needs to be paid at each element of your looks and the way you appear. You may look sporty but appear elegant.

If you are at that stage in your life, where you want to reinvent your image and connect to your desires, maybe i have the solution...

we can chat here

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