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My latest obsession is K-drama fashion!

For some of you, who know me from past Facebook group posting days, you will know that I am an expert in Turkish dramas and what they wear.

My obsession began 5 years ago when I discovered that many of them focused on "leveling up" ( a woman marrying a richer man after investing in herself, her looks, her manners, her network, etc)and of course they dressed so feminine , upscale and appropriate for its occasion they attended. You can learn more here:

Then, a few months ago, a friend suggested to watch a K- Drama and that was it...

I have watched some K- dramas in the past but now my obsession became real!

After watching the first episode of "Business Proposal" I was hooked!

Not only because this Korean Drama and the others that followed like " Now, we are breaking up", "The Legend of the blue sea" , "Eve" and my most favorite "Remarriage & Desires" and more, were very interesting "plot wise" and the Korean actors were performing well (not to mention some of the males were easy on the eyes to please" but also because as a Styling coach I love the style, fashion and brands that I saw the actresses wearing.

"What? Korean actresses when performing are dressed by the series stylists' in a moderate, elegant and upscale way? ( especially where the role is a rich lady).

I have never seen so many pussy bow blouses, camel coats, pant suits, ,pencil dresses, mid heel pumps all coordinated like an orchestra in an elegant manner serving the role of the actress.

Sometimes, clients tell me but its a series not real life and I agree BUT the main point is to get inspiration and ideas from the way they are dressed by a professional TV stylist to serve the role the play.

This is to "train your eyes" as I always say and to see how each actress dress for her role, like every woman must dress for her "role" in life.

Part of my "Fashion Aura" 3 month image make over program is to design a styling strategy for my clients, like TV stylists design the outfits for every scene of their actresses.

What many women don't know is, that image serves a role in every sector of life not just the relationship one and that secret elite ladies use this element for years to achieve success at all walks of life.

Next time you watch a series, K-drama or not, try to analyze why the protagonist dresses in a specific manner and you will comprehend a lot more about image and not just clothing...

P.s. My personal taste is light romance comedy K- dramas or Turkish series...

See you at the top ladies!

If you want to know how you can re-structure your wardrobe, your looks, your beauty & hair image and become your own stylist (among others), you can book a free 30 min beauty & fashion styling assessment here:

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