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'I don't know what suits my style! Well, why not?

The number one reason why women come to work with me and my 3 month image make over online- 1 to 1 course- "Fashion Aura" is that they don't know what suits them and their style.

First of all, let me explain and clarify something. What suits you, has more to do with your physical attributes ( body type, height, skin and hair color) and what suits your style has to do with your unique personal taste and preferences. For eg a boho, long, white dress may look perfect for your frame but if you hate that style, you will never wear it, even thought it may look great on you.

In order for you to understand what suits your style you need to follow the following process:

- Learn your body type and what type of silhouettes look good on you

-Identify your colors & favorite patterns- fabrics

- Understand your life sectors & appearances and what type of outfits they entail you to wear, as to achieve your best looking self!

In a world of plethora of brand & apparel options, you have to really research and find out:

1) what really looks good on you

2) what you really feel good wearing

3) what the occasion you are attending ( from grocery shopping to business dinners) "demands" you to wear... for eg it would not be practical to go grocery shopping in a gown....

If you want to learn more on how to find and elevate your personal style, send me a Dm and we can schedule a free 30 min styling assessment.

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See you at the top ladies!

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