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How to improve your image when your budget is not enough!

Updated: Jan 13

1) One of the essential things is nutrition & exercise. Listen to your body and its needs and walk if you don't want to go to the gym. You need good nutrition & exercise for your body, skin, and mental health. Find out what works for you, not for the supermodels.

2) Buy secondhand mid-range brands and new high-street items. I am a firm believer you can dress up from brands like Zara, mango, and H&M. I have never met an elite lady who doesn't wear these high street brands btw. She may carry a Hermes bag with a Zara top and pants. Don't allow influencers to "fool you" into thinking you must own many luxury brands to be stylish. If your budget allows it, yes. If not, no.

3) Have outfits for each occasion of your life.

As part of my 1-1 styling program Fashion Aura, I produce outfits for each occasion of my client's life. The occasions and the input are different and unique for each of us.

For eg, apart from my physical attributes, I am 5.10, an inverted triangle, and soft autumn. I also work from home, I live in a Mediterranean country (climate-wise) and my goals are to promote my business. I need outfits for these occasions: -zoom meetings -grocery shopping -walking outside -casual lunches -fancy dinners - traveling - filming for my business.

For each occasion of my life, I make sure I have complete outfits suited to my budget and goals.

In my paid program apart from the above characteristics, I have a formula. I add some other factors related to the desired image so I can come up with the best result.

Download my free guide here:

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