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How to do your makeup for a really special occasion!

Step 1: Prepare your skin with face masks, eye masks, and skincare before doing your base.

Step 2: Now is not the time to experiment. Your makeup must be tried and tested.

Step 3: You must know your correct makeup colors for this and every occasion.

I deliver a tailor-made makeup color analysis for each of my clients as part of my Fashion Aura program.

This includes colors suitable for your foundation, concealer, blush, lips, and eyes with links to products ( see a small sample in the pic).

Step 4: Prime your skin according to each type and apply your makeup.

Step 5: Decide if your makeup emphasis will be on the eyes or the lips.

Step 6: If you are over 35, less is more. Less in the color pigment and makeup application.

If you are heavy-handed like me start with small quantities.

Step 7: If you are going to take photographs make sure you are not wea

ring foundation with Spf or you will get a flashback.

Step 8: Using a setting spray, a highlighter, and fake lashes will make you look glamorous and last longer.

I am including some makeup tutorials here: ( Caucasian skin: blonde & blue eyes) (Asian skin) (Caucasian skin: brown hair and eyes) ( African American skin)

I have a 3-month updated program which I named Fashion Aura because your Aura changes after you finish it.

if you want to learn more book a 30 min styling assessment with me here

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See you at the top ladies!

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