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How secret elite women think about their image and you don't!

Secret elite and elite international women view their image as a very important element of their life.

They know that if they want to continue to be considered elite, independently of their financial status, they need to be the best at all sectors of their lives.

The word 'elite' has its origins in the Latin word 'eligere" which to select, to choose. So elites are by definition selective.

Their image is what the "front window" is to a luxury store. Their image is how they appear to the rest of the world and to the rest of the elites.

Elites are very clever and trained by elders to know that appearances do matter!

They learnt that from a younger age and they continue to practice and develop their personal image and style every season.

Their mothers taught them to look at quality, craftsmanship and timeless pieces mostly from heritage brands. These items may look a bit 'boring" compared to trendy pieces but they will be worn for years to come!

For secret elites their personal image is a category they invest time, money and effort! No short cuts- no excuses- no lies!

Grooming is part of their daily- amateur routine on a personal level BUT they also do their monthly- professional routine performed by the best experts.

Their shopping & styling is handled again by professional stylists and image experts who are hired to evolve their image and take it to the next level.

Even though, many of them are perfectly capable of doing their own hair and make up, they trust their professionals to do so for special occasions and not only. This applies to their personal style as well, as by having their personal image consultant makes sure that they are ahead of their fashion game and they spend their valuable time focusing on ways to make more money.

This has to do with their mindset. Elite women are raised to think of ways to invest money and make more money, aka invest in a stylist - get your best image and save time, money and effort to work on new skills that can bring in more money and investments. Middle class women are raised to find ways to save- save- save money.

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See you at the top ladies!

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