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Details you should know before attending a breakfast or evening hotel buffet!

🎀 I know we are all ladies here but first detail is your plate should not be full like you have never eaten before. I know I have been guilty of that in my early years and its not elegant at all.

Just take the quantities of food you can eat and you like, in one plate preferably.

🎀 When you see a queue at a buffet at a wedding reception or a morning at your resort staying, wait a bit until many people have been served and then take your turn.

BTW, in most cases if something has finished from the buffet, you can always ask a waiter or the personnel that is serving to replace it.

🎀 It is very feminine to ask your date/ husband if he wants you to serve him. Some men get lost at the buffet or don't know how to fill their plate, so this is you chance to show your " caring & hospitality skills". I know it sounds a bit old- fashioned but trust me it never hurts to ask.

🎀You may politely ask the people sitting at your table if they want a "plate with fruit or desserts" to end their meal, so you can accommodate them and act like a "hostess".

🎀 Lastly, over eating or eating more because of the abundance of the free food is never classy or feminine behavior.

Of course, you must not starve yourself but eat in moderation and the amounts you would usually it.

Photo credit: the hotel trotter

Copyright,2022: Ioanna Kalogeraki

Disclaimer: This is pure my advice to help women level up. By no means do i want to offend anyone who doesn't practice them.


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