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Aren't you tired of buying garments that you never wear?

Many times, as women we are bombarded by new offers, new sales, new trends, new items promoted by our favorite influencers that we just NEED to buy asap!

F.O.M.O., fear of missing out was not a phrase created by chance.

Daily, brands, retailers and influencers want a portion of our hard or easily earned money!

If you give in to the temptation, you may temporarily feel happy and relieved ( academic research on consumer behavior suggests) but then you may end up not wearing the item you bought after you saw it in your favorite brand's newsletter or on the shop app you visit frequently.

Statistics show that women wear less than 50% of their wardrobe each season and that their shopping sprees ( virtual or in store) get bigger every year.

Money, time and effort is spent for buying items that will never see the daylight out of your closet.

Significant wardrobe gaps can not be filled in because money is spent on other irrelevant clothing items.You may have 5 black skirts but nothing exciting to wear at a dinner office party.

After working with many clients, I did my own research and asked what is their buying process and i was surprised when i got many answers like : " I have no process, I just buy what i like.."! Catastrophic ( lol) in my opinion!

If you don't have a styling strategy, aka a plan of what to buy based on your body type, color analysis, life occasions , season & climate and your goals ( its a different goal if you want to sustain romance in your married life than getting that partnership in the law firm you are working) then how can you possibly shop efficiently?

Creating a tailor made styling strategy is part of what i do for my client in my "Fashion Aura" image make over 1:1 program.

If you want to learn how to shop proficiently, send me a Dm or email and we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment zoom call.

Photo credit: pintrest, Brandon Maxwell

See you at the top ladies!

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