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Apply these 3 secret techniques to improve your personal styling & image!

Secret technique number #1

  • Before you buy a new piece of clothing, think about 3 ways you can wear it with garments from your wardrobe. If you cant come up with 3 new outfits ( with the new garment , you want to buy), Do not buy it!

  • why? its "combination ability" is limited and so will be the times you will wear it!....thank me later...!

Secret technique number #2

  • If you want to change your "look and feel" you need to change 3 parameters of your image: shoes, bags, accessories.

  • Try it: from flats to heels, from tote bag to clutch, from day accessories to night ones.

Secret technique number #3

  • Nail polish is an accessory! treat it like jewelry for your nails.

Follow the "image rules of that apply to your face make up" aka no heavy eye make up and bold lipstick.

No bold nail polish and too many hand jewelry.

Personal mage has its' rules and so must you for your best exterior result!

Copyright 2021@ioanna kalogeraki

photo credit:pintrest

You can book a 30 min free styling assessment with me here

and learn more on how to transform your image.

See you at the top ladies!

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