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4 habits that secret elite women do (wardrobe edition) and you don't!

Number 1: They do monthly clear outs. When I write monthly clear outs, I mean that everything that has not be worn for more than 6 months gets into the donation or resell pile.

Number 2: Every season they consult with their stylist to get a seasonal fashion look book and save their valuable time, money and effort. In this way, they are informed by an expert about what is "New this season".

"New" not in the sense of trends because elites and secret elites rarely follow trends but in terms of colors, materials, cuts, new brands & accessories, shoes & accessories.They also get product suggestions that saves them so much time!

Don't forget that for secret elites time is money and if they can spend it making more by looking after their business and getting a professional result by their image consultant, they will happily and intelligently do so!

Number 3: They regularly check their trusted and favorite second hand shops to discover treasures of past seasons at affordable prices. Secret elites may not post about this on their social media ( as with almost all their life)but they have been practicing vintage shopping for decade. Long before it became trendy!

Number 4: They use and "abuse" items, that are their favorite and look after them for the longest possible time. I have personally witnessed a secret elite friend who took her Tod's loafers to the gobbler for the 4th time in 5 years, in order to repair them and not throw them away. Since they buy quality brands, they respect their purchases and maintain their items for as long as possible.

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See you at the top ladies!

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