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3 ways to disagree with somebody on line in an upscale manner!

Many times due to my business, as a styling coach and my appearance on social media with written Facebook posts and more ( you can find links to them on the right hand corner of this website) some women get defensive and analyze the wrong way, what I suggest as free advice.

This is totally understandable because via a text or even a Story/ Reels, I can not always explain where I stand in writing it. By where I stand, I mean all the social & personal parameters you need to take into account, so as to read a post Biased- FREE.

As a professional, specializing in creating tailor -made & individual images for each one of my clients via my 3 month program, what I post on my free content is as generic as possible. Truth is , I think- analyze- and think again before I post something because I want my followers to get the best neutral advice as I know they come from different walks of life ( country, region, religion, etc).

I always say that, we can all agree to disagree on any matter, but you have to do it in a polite manner, especially on line where according to the Latin quote "scripta manent, verba volent"( spoken words fly away, written words remain).

So, let me share with you, 3 easy ways you can disagree with someone on line elegantly:

1) If you follow somebody on line but you notice that what she/ he writes do Not resonate with you, simply UNFOLLOW.

2) If you feel that the person/ professional can benefit from your critic/ review not criticism...there is a huge difference and you must be aware of it, send them a private message explaining them, why you feel that way. This must be done in a neutral language, not a defensive or offensive one.

3) If you can not help yourself and you need to comment negatively on somebody's post/ video/ story/ reels next time please just pose for 5 seconds and put yourself in her / his shoes. How would you feel if you were a professional and somebody posted that to you? Then re- write that comment.

In the era of social media, where some people are in front of cameras and some people behind them , its very easy to criticize heavily without any consequences. After all nobody knows you, sees you or even talks to you.

You can be as nasty or ruthless as you want....I am sorry to inform you that L.O.A.

( law of attraction) exists, at least IMO and some point you will get a taste of your own medicine/ poison.

BTW, this is not to say that I do not believe in constructive criticism done in a polite way. I am in all the way for that and I really look forward to it since this is how I developed my "Fashion Aura" program from 1 month to 3 months. I could not have done it if my clients did not gave me their after sales observations and comments.

See you at the top ladies!

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