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3 things I noticed secret elite ladies do differently from others (behavior wise)!

Number 1: When they are at a social surrounding, dinner party or something else they don't have loud reactions especially to a joke that is said.

I have been a witness myself when secret elite ladies turn their head to look at that particular lady who is giggling so loud and ruining their atmosphere.

They don't comment about it but they talk with their eyes and it is a No- No for them.

Lesson learned: When you are in a new social elite establishment try to neutralize your reactions.

Number 2: They remain secret to the 97% of the population who is not aware of them by not showing off in social gatherings or talking about their achievements.

I will share a personal story here, where I was invited at a dinner where most of the invitees were secret elite ladies and guess what, i have never heard of them. Of course when I saw one lady with a long, silk caftan- dress by Emilio Pucci I was intrigued ( because I am obsessed with clothes as a style coach).

Lesson learned: Money talks, wealth whispers!

Number 3: Secret elite ladies use the Hermes marketing strategy for years now. What does that mean?

If you are not aware of it, simply put, you can not just walk in an Hermes store and buy a Birkin/Kelly/ Constance etc. Clever marketers in order to amplify the "scarcity factor and raise the brand's prestige" want to make these handbags accessible to some customers and not to all.

This is what secret elite ladies practice. When you meet them they are polite but not very friendly. Having somebody introduce you to them is the key!

Then they open up a bit more easily but still they know how to keep a balance and take it one step at a time. You need to be in their circle for years to come to get your Birkin aka become their friend.

Lesson learned:Copy the secret elite method, be polite but not very approachable at all situations of life. Non accessibility create desire for men, new friends etc.

Disclaimer: the above are my personal experiences and views. I write about them so as to help, educate and inform other women who want to level up.

If you want to level up professionally/ socially/ personally I have a 3 month image make over program called "Fashion Aura" with 1:1 sessions, send me an email or Dm and we can have a 30 min free styling assessment.

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