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3 style mistakes that keep messing your image!

1) You shop without a system and overspend.

You like something and you buy it. Then you go home only to realize that you have a similar item or you can't think of anything to combine it with.

Start by identifying your wardrobe gaps and setting a budget for each season and each garment.

2) Your wardrobe is a mess.

You can not see or find anything. This makes getting dressed very difficult and shopping a waste of time, money, and energy.

Organize regularly your closet either by colour or by items. All pants together, all tops together.

3) You are not aware of your personal style.

You don't know your style non-negotiables and you end up being influenced by friends, relatives, and celebrities.

Start by creating a style board and start noticing what you are mostly attracted to in terms of colors, brands, and patterns.

Do you want to change the above? if you said yes take a look at my styling program

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