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3 secret elite shopping methods they practice for decades!

Shopping method #1: They almost always do "destination shopping".

What that is, when they travel somewhere ( and they often do as elite), they like to discover local and international brands and treasures.

They are very aware of the fact that they can discover local items that have excellent quality for their price tag and also get unique items that no one else wears back home.

They also know very well that due to their "destination shopping" luxury brands like Dior, create specific pop up stores at summer elites' destinations like Ibiza, Capri, etc.

An example is the Dior riviera collection showcased at exclusive Dior pop up stores with items customized to the destination. For eg in Dior in Mykonos, you can get a "Dior Mykonos top" and in Dior Capri a 'Dior Capri top". These items are customized and in very low quality for the specific pop stores.

Shopping method #2: They have a few brands that they are faithful to, for many decades and for good reasons as quality, durability and craftsmanship & style.

For eg, one secret elite swimwear brand is the french brand Eres. I have been seeing secret elite women this brand on the Mediterranean yachts for years now.

Many women don't know it or cant understand its value, since from first glance its designs are simple and for others boring...but... the secret elites find this swimwear line for decades timeless and elegant.

Do you understand the difference in the above words? In order for something to be timeless aka last for years , its design and pattern must be simpler and iconic. Elite women can spot from miles away if they can wear an item for years to come because they have been practicing this shopping method since childhood. A timeless bikini can last for 4 seasons when a more trendy one, won't!

Shopping method #3: They never overspend on clothing items and their "occasion wear" is usually custom made by their favorite designer or tailor.

Since gowns & cocktail dresses are part of their social lives, they have mastered this sector by shopping from their favorite (s) local or international designer, who they have cultivated a close relationship for generations.

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