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3 mistakes that are keeping you from your best looking self!

Mistake #1: You are obsessed and overspent on one style category more than you must. For eg you are obsessed with shoes, so every time you go shopping on line or in stores, you end up with another yet pair of shoes.

Caution: countless shoes without filling your wardrobe needs will stress you, your budget and your image more!

Mistake #2: You are a massive "sales hoarder" ( excuse my language but you know a hoarder is someone who accumulates a lot of items and never usually uses them or sells them).

I can understand that sales season is always tempting especially in today's economy but unless the sales item belongs to use basic category (eg a white cotton shirt) or was in your Wish List before sales began, high chances are you just perform compulsive shopping and you may end up not even wearing the item.

Caution: Sales items can deprive you from buying items you truly need to upgrade your image!

Mistake #3: You have not developed your own "fashion instinct" and personal taste concerning your appearance. You get influenced by what others say it is classic and elegant and end up wearing items you don't really like or suit you.

Caution: the number one enemy of today's digital world, IMO, is free advice. Be careful who you listen because you may end up regretting it. Educate yourself and learn to trust your fashion choices more.

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See you at the top ladies!

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