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3 image details affluent men pay attention to!

Image detail #1: The condition of your hands & nails!

Manicure is very important as we all know but not only that... If the skin on your hands is dry, rough and not silky...think again.

Your hands are moving all the time, usually at a conversation with an affluent man, at a handshake, at pointing something, etc. Take care of them like your face!

A mini hand cream in your handbag, a hand mask every now and then and daily moisturizing will do the job. Consistency is the key!

Image detail #2: The condition of your shoes!

Many times you are so happy you will wear your designer shoes but their heels, straps or/ and under-soles are in bad condition.

A visit to your gobbler and shoe maintenance at home will keep your shoes in good condition and for longer time.

Please check them out before and after you wear them.

Numerous times you believe a scratch is not showing and when actually put on the footwear it is noticeable.

Image detail #3: The way you hold your handbag!

I know, I am very detail- orientated and analytical as a styling coach and in my 3-month image make over course "Fashion Aura" I elaborate on details like these and more.

A simple rule I can share with you here is this:

* Your must treat the way you hold your handbag like jewelry.

Not aggressively (do not carry it like a super market bag) but elegantly ( meaning without changing your body posture to accommodate the handbag. The purpose of carrying a handbag is to accommodate your items and add finesse to your image. Don't allow the way you hold it to eliminate these benefits!

If you want to upgrade your image, closet, make up , hair & manners,send me an email and we can schedule a 30 min free styling assessment.

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See you at the top ladies!

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