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Your New Fashion Aura is Here!

Creating a new image for you has never been easier.

All the elements you need in a tailor-made program for you.
Fashion lookbook, styling strategy, hair and beauty lookbook!

Tell me is this you?

*You have nothing to wear even though your wardrobe is full!

*You are not aware of your best colors and silhouettes!

*You don’t know how to put together outfits and match them to your life’s occasions!

*You wake up every day and wonder what I should wear at work, at a party on Saturday, and at the girls’ brunch!

*You still don’t know what make-up and hairstyles look great on you!

*You don’t know what image will improve your professional, personal and social life!

*You copy what the influencers wear and listen to your friend’s advice but nothing works!

*You feel frustrated and overwhelmed when you open your closet and cannot find something to wear!


Fashion Aura is for you if...

*You want to know what colors & silhouettes you belong to

*You want to know the type of makeup that looks great on you

*You want to know your appropriate hairstyle for each occasion of your life

*You want to achieve a coherent image that will serve your lifestyle

*You want to use your image to achieve your goals & aspirations

*You want to level up your career, get more sales, & expand your

professional & social network

*You want to marry up, start dating HVM (high-value men), and improve your dating life

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Sessions 1-2: Image Goal Setting


In these sessions, we will discuss, your answers to the

in-depth questionnaire. The questionnaire covers many

sectors of your life. Lifestyle, budget, brand preferences,

future goals, and more. The purpose is to get the most

accurate & valuable input from you. To understand your

needs and wants better. To design a tailor-made image

for you! You can also choose 20 pieces from your existing

wardrobe and email me their photos.


Duration: 2 hours

Sessions 3-4: Fashion LookBook

In these sessions, I will present your fashion lookbook with links to items (17-25 selected pieces).

I chose items that flatter your body type and match your style goals.

I base my choices on your color analysis, body shape analysis, and lifestyle analysis.

Duration: 2 hours

Sessions 5-6: Styling Strategy

In these sessions, I will present your styling strategy and its' analysis.

For each part of your life, (e.g. work life, date life, etc.) you will have a strategy.

A plan of what to wear at each occasion of your life, with 3 outfits per occasion.

In this way, you will receive ready-to-wear outfit combinations for life.

Duration: 2 hours

Sessions 7-8: Makeup & Hair LookBook

In the lookbook, you will receive links to suitable products for your makeup and hair.

Also, links to makeup tutorials are appropriate for you.

The guidance in this lookbook is tailor-made for your needs.

and photographic material that displays examples of suitable makeup and hairdos.

Duration: 2 hours

Sessions 9-10: Styling Evaluation

In these sessions, after a 2-4 weeks gap, I will be the critical thinker

behind your last week's outfits. We will discuss ways to improve

these to enhance your styling ability. The purpose of this session is

to "pick" a bit more of my professional styling "brain". To incorporate

more into your lifestyle, with all your new and older items. You can

also ask me any styling-related questions you may have.


Duration: 2 hours

Extra Services & Details:

*You will get the recordings of our sessions for your own 12-month


*You will receive a fashion lookbook pdf, a styling strategy pdf, and

a hair & makeup pdf.

*All material is tailor-made for you.

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