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1) Is there a specific budget I need to have in order to work with you 1-1?

You get to set the budget you are comfortable with. I can work with any budget. I had clients who were willing to shop only from high-street brands and ladies who wanted a mix of mid-range and luxury brands.

We discuss and set the budget during our first session and I propose brands and items that perfectly fit your criteria.

2) Does my age/location/profession matter?

Style is timeless and has no barriers or limits. I have worked with ladies from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Brazil, Malta, Italy, Turkey, and Switzerland. Every lady is different and has different needs and wants, and is developing her own unique style and image.

3)I like your style, but I don't want to wear what you are wearing, is that possible?

Thank you for your compliment but it doesn't mean that I will dress you in the same way!

As a professional, I will come up with what best fits you, your lifestyle & your body, and match them with your preferences and create an image and style, which is authentically yours.

4) What happens if I don't like some of the pieces that you selected for me?

That's no problem, I will select others for you. This is part of the process, no need to worry about that.

5)I have a very specific and unfamiliar body type and I always struggle with garments that fit. Will you be able to help?

This is something that many of my clients request. I've been trained and have had experience working with very different body shapes & sizes, so I'm confident that I will be able to provide you with items that will flatter you.

6) How is the Fashion Aura Program different from other ones?

Fashion Aura is a unique combination of image-building and styling coaching. Both of these terms are uniquely combined in my 1-1 program. I build an image for you and you also learn how to dress your shape, color, and goals.

I coach you through the process by continuously elaborating on matters and details you must be aware of in order to present yourself the way you want and also to achieve your aspirations with the help of your tailor-made image.

You get to experience not only the fundamentals of your personal style (body shape, suitable colors, and outfit combinations) but also my personal image consulting and coaching on how your looks can serve your life!



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