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You’re probably feeling overwhelmed with expressing your true self with your looks!

You want to look polished, but something is keeping you stuck..


Does this sound like something you’re experiencing…

You’ve tried all the things, but you still can’t achieve that enhanced business image...

If you’re struggling with the following, then this is for you…

  •  You’re feeling frustrated because you have a closet full of items but nothing to wear

  •  You’re feeling overwhelmed because you can’t figure out what to wear at your next business meeting

  •  You want to create chic & polished looks but you don’t know how to do your hair and makeup

  •  You’ve tried personal color analysis, working with a stylist, and reading everything there is online… but… nothing worked

  •  You’re doing all the things, the influencers, your stylish friends, and fashion magazines suggest but still not seeing any results. 

It doesn’t have to be this way…


But what if I told you that with my help you can:

  • Change your business image so you get more clients, status, and impact

  • Use 60% of your existing wardrobe, so you can get your ROI from your past buys

  • Learn how to put outfits together so you can save hundreds of dollars from impulsive buys

  • Have a custom image so you can benefit from new business & network opportunities and better social treatment

  • Feel more self-confident so you can improve your business performance

  • Get dressed in minutes daily and do your hair & makeup easily by yourself 

  • Feel at ease with your style and focus on your business

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Watch Rachel's experience working with me ...

Look no more. I have the perfect program for you!

Introducing Fashion Instinct

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